This project started swirling around in my head Labor Day weekend in 2015.

I was chatting with a former classmate, Steve Chappell. We talked about going to school and all of the changes that have happened to our school since our graduation. We talked about art classes with Mrs.Ann Walker, we talked about the Three Kings (Jim, John and Joyce, who were all teachers at our school), we talked about shop and Graphic Arts classes with Mr. Fred. And that led to discussions about the changes in the band program. The school no longer has a band and have since sold a lot of the instruments and other things they had accumulated over the years. I found out that they did have some of the band uniforms and reached out to the Superintendent of the school about purchasing, borrowing or renting a uniform. The uniforms are not for sale, but I was able to work out an agreement with him to use a few of them for this project.

Now what am I going to do with these?

Well, this is an art project for me. I have reached out to people about wearing this jacket and letting me take their photo. I tell them about the school and through this jacket, a little bit of Gideon High School becomes a part of them. Eventually, this will be part of an art exhibit. But right now, I am working on gathering the photos and editing them and will be putting together an art book of the images. I am hoping to work it out so that the majorityof the profits from the book will go to the Gideon High School arts program. I also have a few ideas mulling around to create some art and a portion of those profits will go to the Bootheel Cultural & Performing Arts Center.

But wait….then the project gets even better. A friend of mine, Lana Davis, happened to have a majorette uniform and sent that to me. It’s a tiny little thing, but I have managed to find some amazing models that can fit into it. So this is another layer to this fun little project.