This page is to help you find answer to some commonly asked questions.
1. How can I book my session?
Booking a shoot is easy! All you have to do is email me at Please include a telephone number and email address so that I can contact you. I will get back in touch with you and we will talk more about the shoot and your wants/needs for it and then get it on the books! Easy!!


2. What should I wear to my session? Can I have multiple wardrobe changes?
This is the big dilemma on picture day! I want you to look like you normally do and dress in a manner that you feel comfortable. Big, distracting logos take away from the focal point of the photo (you!) so I suggest minimizing those. If more than one person is going to be in the photograph I suggest thinking coordination, not matching. Pick a few colors and stick with that general color scheme. If Mom is wearing a pink sweater and jeans, Dad could wear a grey shirt and the kids could wear version of the pink/grey theme. If you want me to help you with coordinating your outfits I am more than happy to do so. I encourage COLOR in your choice of dress. I can’t tell you how excited I get when I see someone show up in yellow!
When getting everything together for your session, don’t forget shoes and other accessories! If you are a musician, bring an instrument. Let’s incorporate props that reflect you into your session too!
When in doubt about your choices, bring a casual outfit and then a dressier one. I always, always, always encourage at least two outfits per session! For seniors I highly suggest more outfits so we can change it up!


3. My child is sick the day of our shoot. What do I do?
Well, obviously if your child is not feeling well they will not want to sit in front of the camera. If you or your child are sick, simply give me a call as soon as possible. We can set up a reshoot day then or we can wait until everyone is well to set it up.


4. How long will it be before I can see my images online?
I usually try to have your galleries online within a 2-3 week time frame. Sometimes it takes longer depending on how many families are in the shoot. There might be times when I am ill and images take longer to edit, but I will keep you informed if the time frame for your images is longer.


5. My gallery has expired and I want to order prints. Can I reactivate my gallery?
No, you can not reactivate your own gallery. You will need to contact me either via email at or call me and ask for it to be reactivated. There is a $50 fee for rehosting your gallery that will need to be paid prior to the gallery being back online. It will be back online for 2 weeks which is when you should order your prints.


6. Can I purchase a CD or Flash Drive with my images that edited? What about unedited images?
Yes, you can purchase a CD or Flash Drive (your choice) with images. You can get 10 images on a CD/Flash Drive with a print release for $200 or up to 25 images for $350. (This is a separate fee from a session fee.).   A print release means that you can print them wherever you want and any sizing you would like. The images on your CD will be high resolution and you will also receive web sized images of them as well. Web sized images are perfect for social media and emails.
You can also combine the CD or Flash Drive with prints. You can view all of the current pricing here. You may NOT re-edit them. Lori Peterson Photography retains the copyright over all images. Anyone displaying images without the appropriate link are in violation of the copyright laws. Unedited images are not available for clients. I do not offer unedited images for sale at all.


7. I love my images. How do I order? How long does it take to get them in?
I love hearing clients when they are excited about their images! You can order your images straight from your gallery. Once your order is submitted from the gallery it goes straight to me. I then upload the order to my wonderful, professional lab. Please allow up to 2 weeks for orders.


8. I don’t like my images. Now what?
Well, that would make me terribly sad. You are not in any way obligated to purchase any prints. The photographer may offer a re-shoot if the problem with the images was related to equipment issues or photographer error. I do not offer reshoots based on things like a client doesn’t like their smile, hair, clothing choice, etc. Those are things that are beyond the photographer’s control. Reshoots are offered at the photographer’s discretion. Retainer and Session fees are non-refundable, so please communicate with me if you are unhappy in any way.


9. How far will you travel for on-location shoots?
I will travel anywhere in the St. Louis Metro area. I will also travel outside the St. Louis Metro area, but I will charge extra for that. Rates vary depending on where you are located and how long you will want me there.


10. Do you choose the location of our shoot?
No. I will work with you to figure out what location works for you and what your expectations are for your shoot. If you need ideas I can list off a few places and show you images from them. The final call is up to you…the client!


11. Why is custom photography so expensive?
Anyone can walk into the big chain stores and get their cookie cutter photos for $4.99. I customize your session specifically for you. Personally, before I became a professional photographer we went to the big chain stores. Those images are not displayed in our house because they are so dated. They all look alike. Now we prefer our custom images because they reflect our family and who we really are.
I use a professional lab for your images so you are getting quality paper and quality prints. Prints vary from lab to lab, but my monitor is calibrated for my lab so your prints look exactly the way they are edited!


12. You gave me a discount coupon after my session. How long is that offer good?
Any discount coupons for prints is good for 1 week.  Unfortunately if you don’t take advantage of the offer during that time, the coupon/discount will expire.


13. What kind of photography do you do?
I do lifestyle photography. Families, children, engagements, maternity, birth…basically, anything that has to do with couples or families. I also offer boudoir photography. I do not display boudoir photography on my website because I feel that those were personal images. I do offer clients interested in boudoir a link that is password protected to view previous boudoir images.


14. I hear people say photographers should shoot their images in RAW, do you do that?
Yes, I shoot every session in RAW. It gives me the ability to tweak the image. RAW is basically a digital negative, so I have more control over the image and it’s final output. I do sometimes use actions on images, but not on every one. I manually edit most images using Photoshop CS5. I only use professional grade stuff. Sorry, no Picnik edits here!


15. What kind of gear will you bring to a shoot?
I have a professional grade Canon DSLR and professional grade lenses. I shoot in manual mode. I bring lights, reflectors and props. My studio is mobile….I can even bring furniture out to shoots!


16. How do I pay for my session?
All sessions must be paid in full prior to your session. You can pay using a credit card ,PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to pay when using PayPal, you can pay as a Guest). I also accept checks and cash. I can also accept credit cards in person or over the phone using a Square reader. Session fees are non-refundable.


17. Do you have a Facebook account? Can you post the photos on Facebook so that I can tag myself in them for my friends and family to see?
Yes, I do have a business Facebook page. Go over and click LIKE.
I also have a blog and will feature sessions on the blog too. so check there after your session to see if you get featured!


18. Can you help me create invitations, birthday cards, Thank you cards, holiday cards, etc?
Yes! I can use images from your session (or other photos you have) to help you create the perfect card for any occasion. We can work together to create something unique just for you. Pricing is available upon request.


19. How long have you been in business?
I officially started working as a professional photographer around 2007. I am a registered business with my state and abide by all laws regarding it.


20. All my images are in color, can I get them in black and white?
Yes. All proofs will be in color, but I can convert any image you would like to a black and white. You are not obligated to purchase the black and white image. All you would have to do is give me the file name, I will convert it and then upload it to the gallery. I will let you know when it is there and you can view at you leisure.


21. Can you describe your style of photography?
Well, I believe if you are reading this you must have seen something you liked. I think the best way to describe my style is to say that it’s fun and artistic. I love for each session to be different and reflect my clients. I love for your personality to take center stage. To me, each and every image I provide you is art. And I hope that once you see them that you feel the same way.
If you have any questions that aren’t listed here, please feel free to email me at!