Weezer, Panic at the Disco and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

The summer heat continued to linger on Tuesday, July 19th at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre which was the night of the highly anticipated Weezer & Panic at the the Disco show featuring Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. I purchased the fast lane ticket hoping that I would be able to get inside and find shade before I roasted in the hot sun. The time came for the doors to open and we were still standing in line. We waited a little more. They told us that we needed to get rid of our umbrellas because they were not allowing them in the venue. So people took their umbrellas to the car or just trashed them. And then we waited some more in the sun and heat.

(They finally allowed the fast lane to go in literally seconds before the rest of the crowd so we discovered fast lane does not mean anything.)

I went to the concession stand and bought two refillable drinks and a popcorn to the tune of $30.

Now for the record, let me just say I was at the show for one reason. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. That’s it.

AMiTW took the stage and my daughter and I sang along to every song during his short opening act performance. It was amazing to see AMiTW again. Andrew’s energy and enthusiasm are simply contagious. He can command the crowd like no one else I can even recall seeing. I had talked to people in the crowd before we went in and some had never heard of AMiTW and some had only heard his song “Cecilia and the Satellite” (which was written for his incredibly adorable daughter!). We were especially excited to see him perform his new song “Fire Escape” live.

After his set a storm rolled in. It was insane.

People walked by and said “Go to your cars”  but there simply was no time to get there before the rain, wind and storm hit us. Hours of being huddled under a tarp with strangers with no word from the venue about what we could do or where we could go just seemed to drag on. We were all soaking wet. They had said to check their website for information. That was it. Unfortunately though, they have no wi-fi out there, so checking for updates was impossible. We were all relying on updates we would get via texts from friends and family and those were few and far between. We were just all in it together and hoping for the best. Our refillable cups and popcorn were ditched in order to keep the tarp over our head.

Once the storm died down we were able to get back to our seats. We sat there until they announced that the show would possible be rescheduled for the following evening (even though we knew the bands had somewhere else to be). We went to our cars where it continued to rain, but at least we had a shelter over us. We sat in the parking lot for almost an hour and a half waiting to get out.All of the niceness and watching out for one another was suddenly exchanged for everyone trying to get their car out first.

There has been no word yet on a reschedule date or a cancellation of the show. But I am only going back if AMiTW plays again!

And that, my friends, is the story of how Andrew McMahon opened and closed a Panic at the Disco and Weezer show.


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