The Wombats

On Monday night, July 18th, my daughter and I arrived to the Ready Room hours early to sit on the hot concrete and bake in the sun next to a brick building in order to get inside to see the band The Wombats. As we were waiting in line, the crowd swelled and the lines got longer. Despite the heat, I was glad that we arrived when we did because we knew that if we had gotten there an hour later that we would be all the way around the corner and would have no shot whatsoever of being close to the stage.

Los Angeles band Coast Modern opened for the Wombats. I fully expected an almost punk rock type band to be the opener, but this band definitely was a surprise. They are more chill than I expected. They have a modern hipster reggae vibe going on. They played their set to the sounds of the crowd cheering and singing along.

The extreme hot temperatures in St. Louis made the venue that was already very warm and filled with a cheering crowd seem like an oven, but no one was about to leave their spot in the crowd.

The Wombats are such a tight band and they really can put on a show. Tord knows how really get the crowd chanting and participating while Dan’s drumming really inspire people to clap and jump.  And Murph’s vocals are just awesome. (Personally, I love a British accent that comes across in a song!). The crowd seemed to know the words to every song and he encouraged them to sing along! And we were all hot in the crowd, so I can’t even begin to imagine how hot it was under those lights and having to be the energy for the show. I hope these guys were able to find an air conditioned spot to have a beer and recover afterwards. I can’t wait to see them next time they come to St. Louis!

If you haven’t check out The Wombats yet, then you definitely should! I can’t tell you how many times I have listened to Glitterbug.

When they were in St. Louis last time my daughter, husband and I were able to meet Murph and Dan. Such awesome guys.

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