The Summer Fades

When I was little we always looked forward to summer vacation. We played outside. We slept late. We enjoyed the freedom of just being able to enjoy life. We would pick flowers for my grandmother until the beautiful flowers that had bloomed were fading. Some would turn brown beneath the heat of the summer sun, but I always found them beautiful still.

I often think of the flowers that we picked and put in Mason jars and how my grandmother was always so delighted with her little tokens of love. I would trade so many things to have had one more summer to bring her flowers. After she passed away our summers were never the same. Our carefree days were over and our childhood faded into grown up responsibilities, paying bills and going work.

I watch my own children grow and see their summers changing right before my own eyes. I think back to when they would pick flowers for me and I am reminded that our lives are like the seasons for the flowers. We just have to remember to find the beauty in each and every day and appreciate the here and now. faded edt web

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lavender 2 web

peach flower web

red flower web

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fading1 web

This is my first time participating in the Tell Me a Story Blog Circle. For more incredible photos and stories, head over to Sharleen’s page!

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