The Strumbellas

When I heard that the Strumbellas were coming to St. Louis I was completely excited for their tour. And then I found out the price of the tickets (completely affordable!) and then the date (the day before my birthday!) and that the band Tidal Volume was opening band.

The night of the show my daughter and I arrived early. We were able to get in the front row once the doors opened.

Tidal Volume is a St. Louis based band and they describe themselves as “pun rock”. They just released their CD titled “Modern Anxiety“. You can listen to their song “Don’t Go” on YouTube. The group consists of brothers Zach Sullentrup  & Matt Sullentrup, Andrew Scherping, William Minard and Chris Jansson. They brought up singer Lauren Kohl to join them for a few songs as well. This talented band is definitely going places!

The Strumbellas set showed why they are one of the most amazing bands on the scene right now. Yes, a lot of people came to the show only because they had heard the song “Spirits” on the radio, but they left knowing quite a few more songs and a greater understanding of why this Canadian based band is just simply phenomenal. Their new album “Hope” consists of so many good songs that it’s definitely hard to pick a favorite. The vocals on “Shovels and Dirt” is the kind that stops you right in your tracks and “We Don’t Know” makes you want to clap and sing along.
Lead singer Simon was introduced to the heat and humidity of St. Louis and made comment about his choice of wardrobe for the evening. He said he tried to dress up for the crowd, but that it was too hot and that was what he settled with. The crowd loved it!

The Strumbellas members include Dave Ritter, Jon Hembrey, Simon Ward, Darryl “Darly” James, Izzy Ritchie and Jeremy Drury.

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