How will you be remembered?

When I am in an antique store there are always two things that I absolutely have to stop and look at and those are old cameras and old photographs. Recently, I became the proud new owner of vintage photo album. The condition of the book is not great. It’s falling apart. It really needed a home where it would be appreciated and cherished for the little piece of history that it is.

album1 web

The binding it on it is literally falling apart. The beautiful gold clasps on the side still work though.

side latch 1 web

But what is inside this little neglected book is stunning.

Album 5 web

couple 1 web Cramer 1 Web cramer gross and co web girl 2 web Kyle 1 Web male 1 web page 1 web photos 3 web Photos 4 Web Strauss 1 Web

scholten web

Going through this photo album is like stepping back into time and meeting some of the photographers who lived and worked in St. Louis. Seeing the people through their eyes and their cameras. It is quite incredible.

album 3 web

(****Note: The baby is blurry in this photograph because you needed to sit still for a few minutes to get a sharper image and you can see that the baby is moving their arms and head just enough that they aren’t focused.)

man1 web Photos 5 Web girl 1 web

While we all marvel at the beauty of these photographs I want to remind you to print your own photographs. Are you going to be handing down your iPhone to your great-grandchildren? The wonderful thing about modern photography is that it puts the power of recording and documenting into so many hands. The down side to that is that no one is printing and preserving those moments. We can swipe on our phones and use our cloud storage and yet, there is no tangible proof that we can give to people anymore.

If I could give one little piece of advice to people and they would actually do it, it would be print your photographs. Your family, including your own children, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and your grandchildren, great-grandchildren and those great-great grandchildren you may not ever get to meet will love them. Let them see you and the world through your eyes, whether it is a professional portrait or a cell phone photo that gets printed.

Buy yourself an album like this, put those photographs in it and share those memories that will last even beyond your own lifetime.

album 2 web decoration web Photographs 1 web

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