Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

On Friday, July 22nd my daughter and I drove to Columbia to see Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness perform at the Blue Note. We arrived around noon, found parking and headed over to the venue to get in line. We were not the first ones there. Surprise!

We were about 12th in line.

My daughter thought I had overpacked when I put in lawn chairs, an umbrella, bottled water and all sorts of assorted things in the car the evening before. But as it turns out, I should have packed more!

The lawn chairs were awesome because it was hot, hot, hot and we didn’t have to sit on the concrete. The little umbrella I bought attached to the chair and it was a lifesaver. I had a small blanket in the car that I gave to people without chairs so that they weren’t just sitting on the hot concrete and I even switched out here and there with them so they could sit in the chair for a bit and be a little more comfortable. (Concert karma! Do nice things to the people around you. It will come back to you!)

I had packed some extra bottles of water and shared those also. (Concert karma again!)

After sitting for a bit Andrew McMahon walked up to us. He had been out getting coffee. He chatted with us for a bit and it was just absolutely wonderful. A little later Zac Clark was out walking around and stopped by too. He had just stopped by the Peace Nook bookstore and found a book he had been looking for.

There were people who arrived much, much, much later than we did and security and staff at the Blue Note was incredibly awesome and made sure that everyone got into their proper place in line.

We were front row at the show. And what an incredible show it was.

Andrew rode in on a giant rubber duck that was wearing sunglasses and the show just got even more awesome from that point on. (At one point his bass player, Mikey got to ride on the giant duck too!)

The set list included some of my favorites like Dark Blue, High Dive, and Synesthesia and of course, Cecilia and the Satellite.

After the show Andrew and Zac were outside greeting fans and taking photos. Even when security told them it was time to go, Andrew made sure to make time for everyone who was there to meet him, just proving why he is one of the best in the business!

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