Actions for Photoshop

A lot of photographers are confused about actions. How do you get them? How do you use them? How do you get them into your Photoshop?

There are a lot of free actions out there, so if you want to experiment with them first I would suggest going over to The CoffeeShop Blog and checking out the ones Rita has.


For this tutorial I will show you how to download, add and use the Gray Velvet Black and White action.

Where you see the download here in Rita’s post, click the Here icon.

The file will then download to your computer as a zip file. Mine shows the zip file on the bottom of my screen. If it’s there just click on the file and choose Show in Folder.

If yours doesn’t just go to your Downloads folder.

Find the file. And then right click on the file and choose Extract Files.

Then it will pop up and ask you where you want to save it. I always save my folders in the same place, so I just click OK.

It will extract the files and put them into a folder.

Scroll up and look for the FOLDER.

Now all of the contents for the action are inside that folder. Click on it to open it up. Then click on the name of the action again and that folder will show you all of the contents.

You are looking for the ATN file.


Now go to Photoshop….


Make sure your Actions panel is up! (If it is not just click the Window tab at the top of your screen and click to check Actions.)


Now you will load the action (the ATN file you unzipped) into Photoshop.

Click that right arrow highlighted in the above photo.

Scroll down and click Load Actions.



Find your folder and then click on it to highlight it and then click LOAD.


That action is now in your Actions panel.


To use the action just scroll down to it. Open it up by clicking on it. And then click the little arrow under it to play it.

Once the action runs you can see it transform the image. But you can still tweak the image to get the results you want. You can turn parts of it off and on by clicking the little eye at the left.


You can also adjust the opacity of the layers by clicking on the layer and highlighting it and then adjusting your opacity of that layer.

You can now Merge your visible layers or flatten if you are done.

Just rename your new file and save it.

That’s all there is to it!

You did it!!! 

You can visit The CoffeShop Blog and find more great stuff….actions, textures…..goodies galore!



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